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A festival is a great way to get more out of your hobby and in recent years, they have expanded to become celebrations of just about any art form under the sun.

Music festivals are probably the most familiar type of festival. These are great if you love live music and donít mind roughing it for a few days. If thatís not your thing, how about a theatre festival? Or a literature festival? These donít usually include the camping and not washing so are perfect for the book worms out there!

Aside from this there are cooking festivals and road shows where you can go and see your favourite chefs and try new and exotic foods. Or you could go see a comedy festival for a laugh.

Festivals are great fun and great value for money! Over a few days you can cram in as many bands, artists or comedians as you can handle (and as much food and drink of course). If you need help finding your perfect festival, email us at info@wethepeoplefestival.co.uk